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Though we can see some signs of recovery, difficulties remain.

Maybe that we know what to do but with no intention to do it !

So are we still in an economic crisis or are we switching to a moral crisis ?

End of crisis but no clear direction to go for

At beginning of 2012, we had announced the end of the crisis but half way through, the paths for improvement are difficult to be founded ! Some signs of improvement have appeared (American markets in a better shape, positive cash flow for worldwide companies on the stock market list, better financial regulation, Russian federation entering the WTO…) but some difficulties are still hanging on certain regions in the world, particularly in South Europe.

Are the difficulties specific to South Europe or are they a consequence of difficulties from elsewhere ?

No clear direction or avoiding the new rules of the game ?

The “fog” on the economical growth is mainly due to the complexity of the contradictions to manage (reducing expenses/ investing for growth, private business / revenue sharing, cash under pillow more profitable than stock exchange…).

But this “fog” can hide another reason : a lot of European citizen still believe that we will recover and be like before, as if we were still in XXth century ! The truth is that XXIth century has changed the rules. Europe is not any more the center of the world and it has to compete with other regions more and more powerful like Asia and Oceania, Middle Est and Africa.

It is of a moral attitude to respect the rules of the game but which ones, the old or new ones ?