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There is not one market in China but several of them.

In each of these different markets, there are different types of consumers and they are not at the same standards (habits, livings, working, leisure...).


The biggest consumers area in the world :

The east coast of China, running on about 6.000 km, concentrate more than 600 millions of inhabitants. After 30 years of continuous growth, the standards of livings raised up and, consequently, the needs for goods and services are rising.

Dalian, Shenyang and Liaoning province (north) :

North of Beijing lies the province of Liaoning with its capital Shenyang and its main port Dalian. The weather and atmospheric condition are similar to central western Europe. Some industries can be of ancient generation (1950 - 1970) but being upgraded and with some dynamic export activities.

The consumer market of this area is expecting goods and services for practical use in every day life. Foreign brands and products have not the same impact of notoriety as in south china.

Beijing, Tianjin and the Hebei province (center - north) :

Beijing, the capital of China, and Tianjin, the biggest port nearby Beijing, lie inside the province of Hebei. The capital of China political administration attracts of lot of international organisation head quarters, thus bringing a variety of consumers with international habits (travelling inside China, travelling abroad).

Qingdao and the Shandong province (center) :

Shandong province lies at a level between south Europe and north Africa. Jinan, the capital of Shandong, lies inland and a fast train connected it with the big port of Shandong : Qingdao.

This province has a tradition of trading with abroad and its consumers are used to buy products coming from anywhere in the World, as long as they offer a good balance between price and quality. 

Shanghai, Nanjing, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces (center south) :

Shanghai is the most poweful economical region of inland China. In addition, Nanjing want to compete with Shanghai and is investing heavely into new types of industries (computer, green, facilities...).

The consumers of this area are looking for goods of an international quality level but with a strong chinese point of view (different from Hong Kong and Ghangzou) : the product must "nicely" integrate the chinese way of life (good balance between tradition and modernity). 

Guangdong and Hong Kong (south) :

This area is nearly at the geographical level of center Africa : hot all year with monsoons. Hong Kong, like Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong), as a long tradition of trading and exporting with foreign countries.

As a consequence, here lie the wealthiest populations of China with a taste for sophiticated products or services. International criteria for quality are a must and chinese traditions are focused on refined way of life.

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