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You are welcome in Numeral Advance Web house and we wish you a pleasant tour on our site. You will find a description of our activities and, most interesting, some first advises about our professional experiences. If these advises suit you, you can go to our Boutique, our Web Shop. If some advises are missing, please let us know. Business starts with exchanges ! This is Numeral Advance way.

Activities from France with Numeral Advance :

Numeral Advance headquarters are based in France, in Paris. Much of our know-how is coming from this local base and we are pleased to introduce it to you.

France has a strong agriculture and food industry with a specific focus on Food Safety since 20 years. Numeral Advance is promoting this professional know-how through traceability and hygiene, in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard. We can help you for importing food and beverage into the European market. See at treacability .

There are some very good computing research centers in French Universities and Numeral Advance part of professional experience is coming from past exchanges with several of these research centers. One of these center is the University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, in Paris. See our expertise on numerical validation .

Quality of every day life in France is of a good level and since year 2003, the French National Standard Association (AFNOR) is promoting sustainable growth with the SD21000 standard. Have a look at our section “Qualite et Business”.

Very big companies in France are promoting the use of ITIL and ISO 20000 standards and Numeral Advance is working with some of them, at the AFNOR level, to publish a guide book for all size companies. Look at our expertise in Information Technology Service Management.

International activities with Numeral Advance :

Numeral Advance is involved in international programs of standardisation with a participation at ISO workshops on Lean and Six Sigma.

This give us the chance to developp activities at international level, specialy with Africa and Asia.

Quality and computing with Numeral Advance :

Numeral Advance is dedicated on Quality and Computer. They go together. Quality is ISO 9001 and its brothers and sisters are ISO 14001, ISO 27000, ISO 20000, ISO 22000… ISO 9001 is the starting point, but more and more, Quality is also ethics, social responsibility, environment protection, continuous improvement… And all this without losing money!

What is Computing doing with Quality?

Simply put it that way: to support quality, to make it run, to turn ideas into real life, to have efficiency, you need a tool. And this tool is Computing.

If you think quality, don’t think immediately clean water, safe food, pure air, fair justice, ethics, protecting environment, fighting bribery…Think computer at first and then everything else will be much easy. That is Numeral Advance way. It can also be your way. Just think of it. It is not a private idea so take its benefice. No copyright, so don’t miss the chance: you can be also a Numeral Advance way of life.

How to do?

Very simple.

Give your idea that can be in one word, in one sentence, or in one book (pictures and diagrams are welcome) and if it fits in Numeral Advance way, we shall integrated on the Web Site.

So, where ever you are around the world (Africa, Oceania, South America, Indonesia, Middle East, United States…) if you have Quality and Computer, you can exchange on Business with Numeral Advance.

Where starts the Business? It stars with the exchange. If your idea is good, Numeral Advance integrated on its Web Site so that “Websiter” can meet your idea and contact you through Webline. If your idea is very good, we can include it on our Web Shop.

Please do it.

It is our Welcome to France.

January 2010.

Numeral Advance team.

Send your business ideas to numeral.advance@orange.fr