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Johnson International Statistical Consulting (JISC) is a consultancy firm with strong expertise in performance analytics, datamining and continuous improvement methods. The founders and senior consultants of JISC have more than 50 years of experience in industries and services with improvement projects based on the Six Sigma methodology.

JISC is located in Orlando, Central Florida in the United States.

JISC Website

Experience and Methods :

Their involvement within many different types of industries have greatly expanded their academic statistical expertise to conceive, design and implement powerful methods with sharp edge tools that turn data into business and move improvement projects step by step towards operational and financial results.

These methods are extension of the Six Sigma principles that take advantage of the connection with information systems using extracting, storing and processing tools to develop predictive models that business can use in their decision processes. As a result, JISC is bringing business performance knowledge to decision makers from analytics built on large bases of data.

The founders :

Michèle Boulanger :

Michèle Boulanger holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rhode Island. Then she spent more than 10 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories where she led the research and consulting group in Quality Engineering and Analytics. After this first experience, she joined Motorola where, as a Vice President, she was responsible for defining the key business strategies and deploying major initiatives regarding customer advocacy, operations performance optimization, and product/service quality.

Mark Johnson :

Mark Johnson is a professor at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He earned his doctorate in industrial and management engineering from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Johnson is a senior member of ASQ.

See the joined offer JISC and NUMERAL ADVANCE .    

NUMERAL ADVANCE, consultancy in information system :

Numeral Advance is a consultancy firm with strong expertise on information system and on information technologies. Information system is the image of the business activities and information technologies are the processing power that turns data into information, and then into knowledge. The key point of its expertise is to properly combined information system with information technologies in order to deliver IT services to the business and to the market. One way for properly combining information systems with information technologies is to use information quality frameworks such as ITIL, CMMI, Cobit or ISO 27001. As a result, Numeral Advance brings to the business, through the business model and the information system architecture, the right information, extract from data processing, to make the key decisions for business improvement.

NUMERAL ADVANCE in the United States :

All activities of NUMERAL ADVANCE are in hands of JISC-Statistics with Mrs Michèle Boulanger.

Any contact or information request are to be address to : info@jisc-statistics.com