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Pourquoi la Qualité ? |

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At a first step, business is life : one needs to eat, to sleep in a house, to be in a good health... But when the essential needs are fulfiled, business is becoming a way of life. Style, mood, preference, colors will shape this way of life and quality will give the main characteristics of it.

So, business is more than profit. Business is a way of life that drives to profits and quality is the road to reach these profits.

Quality is to satisfy the customer in order to increase sales, improve profits and open new markets

Customer satisfaction is:

  • short and reliable delay,
  • no defects,
  • responsiveness,
  • choice and attractiveness,
  • others…

Customer satisfaction is also more and more:

  • new lifes experience,
  • to be suprised,
  • to be suggested,
  • to expand personal identity.

By extension, since 2005, customer satisfaction also includes third parties satisfaction like:

  • social responsibility (workforce welfare),
  • environment protection,
  • garbage recycling,
  • energy low consumption,
  • others…

 Quality is shaping the expectations of your customers in order to target your business objectives on them

Why performance?

Performance is not to be "shot dead" ! Life is the daily struggle not to be "shot dead" and in XXI century "shot dead" is when costs are higher than revenues.

So to be sure to improve profits, quality must not be more expensive than its benefits!

Performance is planning and monitoring your resources so that quality brings profits instead of losses.

Quality and performance must have there business model and business plan, integrated in the business plan of the company.

NUMERAL ADVANCE will advise you how to design your quality and performance business model and business plan and to integrate them in your general business model (See NUMERAL ADVANCE Framework).

How to reach quality?

Quality has first to be defined by criteria and indicators.

Then, to reach these criteria, Quality has to be managed and we have to build a Quality Management System (QMS). Not to start from scratch, the most efficient way is to use the goods practices from the standards and to build the QMS from these practices.

Generic standards for quality: ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

Specific standards for quality: ISO 16949, ISO 20000, ISO 22000, ISO 27001...

NUMERAL ADVANCE will advise on selecting the good practices best suited to your business and to deploy them (practices, procedures, indicators, monitoring, auditing, improvement…).  

How to get performance?

In the XXI century, performance comes from:

  • innovation and new technologies,
  • compliance management,
  • competition monitoring,
  • value and costs management.

To get advantage of these 4 domains, performance has to be managed and this is based on continuous improvement. Most of the quality standards have a continuous improvement section but with no detail about the practices except for Lean Six Sigma. 

The best practices for continuous improvement is Lean Six Sigma method

NUMERAL ADVANCE experts will deploy the Lean Six Sigma method in your operational practices in order to reach performance.

Information systems and new information technologies:

Quality is customer satisfaction and it is of the utmost importance to know the customer’s habits (taste, life style, working practice…), on one side, and the information’s delivery (stock, delay, customization…), on the other side. In today business, it is nearly impossible to manage information for quality and performance without a information system and its hardware and software.

For better efficiency, information system has to be part of your quality plan and Lean Six Sigma method.

NUMERAL ADVANCE will build and deploy the information system (software, hardware) of your quality practices (QMS) and its Lean Six Sigma performance programme.

Why certification?

Certification is a “diploma” that confirms the company has a world class quality management system. This label is important for an unknown company to get new customers and new markets.

Certification is a strong asset for developing exports on international markets.

The most famous certification programme is ISO 9001, the generic Quality Management System, and the ISO 14001, for environment protection, but others can be used such ISO 20000, ISO 22000, ISO 27001…

NUMERAL ADVANCE shall train and support all actions so that the company gets one of these certificates.

Go into practice, see Quality for user