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Lean Sigma, the best known methodology for business practices improvement, is well suited for hotel business, including fooding and leisures. Hotel business is permanent contact with customers, efficient organisation in every day life and staff at disposal for clients.

We detail below how Lean Sigma can strengthen your business hotel and how to implement it.

Quality of service in a hotel business :

Your are managing a classified hotel with tens or even hundreds of rooms. Quality of service is embedded in your every day practices and your staff is the best ambassador of your quality policy. In terms of criteria and results this is avaibility, smiling at the front desk, a nice looking furniture in the rooms, a top level bedding and a sparkling clean environment.

But, is it enough, in 2010, in order to get more customers ?

What are the new challenges ?

New challenges in hotel business :

There are mainly three :

1) Recommendations from customers :

First of the new challenges : recommandations from personal experiences are posted on the Web and have a bigger and bigger audience around the world. So some unfavourable comments can seriously injured the quality policy and quality reputation of a hotel.

If any customer can be sourcing comments (good or bad) running on the Web, on must pay a permanent attention so that he is always satisfied.

This is the property of a permanent monitoring of customer satisfaction.

2) Shorter and less prepared trips :

Trips are shorter and they tend to be prepared at the last minute. So it is necessary to be well organised and to quickly move in order to cope with the customer lack of preparation. For leisure trip, isn’t it that the customer feels good when his logistic is taken by safe hands ? Today, quality of service is more and more to give suited solutions to unpredictable requests.

We can summarize those requests by :

  • Adaptability and moving fast,
  • Available and relevant informations.

3) A first virtual contact :

The first contact with your customer is not any more at your front desk but on the Website. This first contact is important and will determine how many customers would potentially come to your place. This first contact have two challenges :

For the leisure trip :

  • to make it sounds wonderful (dream),
  • to be practical (reservation, calendar…) (logistic efficiency)

For business trip :

  • to be friendly,
  • to be practical (reservation, meeting rooms planning, prices…) (logistic efficiency).


To summarize, the requirements of the virtual contact are :

  • dream,
  • logistic efficency,
  • to be friendly.

Quality approach and quality system :

Your hotel has a classification so your quality is tuned to your classification level. This can be accomplished : 

  • with good practices,
  • with a certified quality management system (ISO 9001…).

Whether it is good practices or a quality management system, it is not enough to face the new challenges with their 6 following criteria :

  • Permanent monitoring of customer satisfaction,
  • Adaptability and moving fast,
  • Available and relevant informations,
  • To make it sounds wonderful,
  • Logistic efficiency,
  • To be friendly.

Benefits of the Lean Sigma :

Lean Sigma is the best known methodology for improving business practices. In the hotel business, Lean Sigma will manage the 4 following criteria :

  • Permanent monitoring of customer satisfaction,
  • Adaptability and moving fast,
  • Logistic efficiency,
  • To be friendly.

Six Sigma is fuelled by data and information and analyse the root cause of defects.  As a consequence, Six Sigma is the best suited method to detect the weak points of practices, to understand the root causes of unsatisfaction and to find a remedy.

Lean is a method for organising waste tracking, especialy time, and all these overheads that weaken your business. Lean will act by optimizing the workflow. This is answering for adaptability, moving quickly and logistic efficiency.

Lean Sigma is the best combination to meet the challenges in :

  • improving the productivity and the profit of your hotel business,
  • improving the customer satisfaction and its link to the Web recommendations.

Thanks to Lean which is optimizing the spare time, staff is more available to be friendly with the customers.

Conclusion :

An efficient quality approach in hotel business is a sound and regular exchange with the customers. In this context, Lean Sigma approach is focusing on the critical point of the customer course (reception desk, entering the room, invoice settlement on departure…) and on the informations to collect in order to correctly understand the causes of dissatisfaction.

After only a few months, Lean Sigma can improve your operations from 25 to 40% without any heavy investment (analyse, new procedures and training).

Deploy a Lean Sigma plan with NUMERAL ADVANCE :

  1. Identify the quality criteria of your hotel and the customers expectations,
  2. Collect all comments form your customers,
  3. Establish the critical steps of the customer course in your hotel,
  4. Identify the activities that influence the criteria and their thresholds,
  5. Solve the problems linked to these activities,
  6. Improve the procedures that influence the criteria and the thresholds,
  7. Establish a suggestion pool and analyse the comments in order to improve the customer course,
  8. Train the staff to the procedures and to the use of the suggestion pool,
  9. Set the anonymous customer with a rating system.

NUMERAL ADVANCE can support your quality approach based on Lean Sigma, especially on the following :

  • Participate to the selection of your quality criteria,
  • Establish the customer course and the critical steps,
  • Analyse the customers comments (especially foreign customers),
  • Give some thresholds from international hotel markets,
  • Solve some problems linked to the critical practices with standard good practices,
  • Train the staff on good practices,
  • Set an anonymous customer and a rating system.


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