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JISC and Numeral Advance have combined their expertises to deliver a global package for business improvement. The key point of this collaboration is the analytics pyramid that supports the business model: the business improvement will be the result of properly monitoring the indicators (KPI) of the business model and of optimizing the impact of improvement activities on these indicators.

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First phase :

In a first phase, JISC is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the business performance analytics pyramid while Numeral Advance is designing a view of the information system architecture compatible with the business model. This first phase results in an unbiased external view of potential areas for improvement of the business model and the information system architecture with its supporting IT infrastructure.

Review and second phase :

Then, following a review by the business management and a decision on their priorities for improvement, a second phase starts. In this phase, conducted with a Six Sigma project methodology, the information system architecture, monitored by Numeral Advance, will deliver the data and information needed for the selected improvement projects.

This second phase will pursue its DMAIC approach to:

  • analyze the data collected,
  • develop a solution,
  • propose a control mechanism for the revised improved process,

The development of an optimal solution (process re engineering, parameters tuning…) as well as the control mechanism, is likely to require a strong involvement of the IT department and Numeral Advance will be working with them in order to build up a proper information system architecture to supply the right information at the right time

The results of each step are compared to the previous results and some good practices are identified in order to speed up the general process. Among these results will figure the variability of the business process, the efficiency and the pertinence of the information delivered by the information system architecture.

Results in business improvement :

As a result, the combined offer of JISC and Numeral Advance will leverage your business with this improvement business project combining two expertises:

  1. analytics for business improvement and monitoring to the business target,
  2. information system architecture for business knowledge and data collection for business information.

JISC : Jonhson International Statistical Consulting.


Starting at 7.800 Euros HT