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First step of the Business improvement program, NUMERAL ADVANCE is proposing a benchmark of process.

Principle :

A benchmark of performance is to compare the efficiency of the resources consumption among different processes, each of them having an identical yield target.

Example :

A company manages its employees days off with a process. This process has been implemented for the UK and for the German subsidiaries. In another word, there is two distinct implementations of the process. During the past 6 months, we notice that the 2 implementations delivered the validated days off requests in 2 days.

To get such results, is the consumption of resources identical between UK and Germany? The other question is: for an identical level of resources, will the delivery time be identical between UK and Germany?

Main types of resources:

What are the main types of resources necessary to achieve a day off request ?

Six types of resources:

  1. Time spent by the clerc to process the request,
  2. Time use of the HR software and its computer,
  3. Square meter usage,
  4. Process back office support,
  5. Raw material
  6. Energy consumption.

Benchmark of costs:

The assessment of resources consumption will be measured by expenses per unit of time. This will then evaluate the costs of the process. The benchmark of performance will be completed with the benchmark of costs.  

Steps of the Benchmark method of NUMERAL ADVANCE :

1 Select the functional scope
  • IT services
  • Software design and development
  • IT departement in corporation
  • Custody (banking activity),
  • Mechanical production,
  • Logistic and retail,
  • Human resources,
  • Other...
2 Select a geographical scope
  • France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, India, Morocco - Algeria, Cameroon (Bassin du Congo), Malaysia.
  • Other countries : Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Serbia, Croatia, Japan, Australia, South Africa.
3 Select the type of benchmark
  • Internal (recommended at a first step),
  • External.
4 Select the partners (optional)

Give the name of the companies that you wish to see in the benchmark panel :

5 Establish the indicators

With the help of the questionnaires, the objectifs, the indicators and the planification of the data collection are establish.

6 Collection of data

Collection and validation of the data

7 Analysis

With the collected data, we analyse the trends and compare the gaps (with internal or external milestone). We conclude with a general diagnostic.

8 Improvement planification

From the benchmark diagnostic and in particular, the gaps analysis, an improvement actions plan is establish

9 Communication on the improvement plan It is the communication of the immprovement plan and of its deployment

Ask for a quotation and download the questionnaire :

Questionnaire (on the side)

Quotation : numeral.advance@orange.fr