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NUMERAL ADVANCE is pleased to present its International Team of experts working on one Business improvement program.

Robert Lemay (France) is a consultant and project manager in performance program for enterprises and information systems. Robert Lemay is engaged in the marketing of the program and its general set up. More about Robert Lemay .

Michèle Boulanger (USA) is a lead consultant in statistics for industrials business applications and in Lean Sigma projects for business improvement. Michèle Boulanger is the lead technical integrator of the program and of its deployment on customer sites. More about Michele Boulanger .

Chris Harris (UK) is a senior consultant in statistics in industrials and in Six Sigma projects for the industries and services activities. He deploys all the quantitative approach of this program, introducing when necessary the appropriate methods and techniques. More about Chris Harris .

Jean Luc Viruega (France) is a consultant in Lean methodology, Lean management and Traceability for the industries. For the program, he is engaged in designing and deploying the Lean Sigma metrics and the calculation scheme. More about Jean Luc Viruega .

Thierry Gautier (France) is a financial analyst with an accountability and taxes expertise back ground. For this program, he is engaged in setting the different accounting models, the costing models and to give the clue for the financial analysis of the program. More about Thierry Gautier .

Jing Sun (China) is a professor and a consultant on business and quality management systems for enterprises and state administrations. She contributes in designing the general technical framework of the program. More about Jing Sun .

He Zhen (China) is a professor and a consultant on quality management and business framework for the enterprises and the state administrations. He contributes in designing and deploying the maturity model and the assessment process in order to integrate them in this business improvement program. More about He Zhen .