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With these diagnostics, we analyse your operational practices and their practical results.

At a second step, we benchmark your practices with the market standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000 or Lean Six Sigma.

The benchmark of Good Practices will be focused on process and indicators.

You can start a first quality diagnostic with our questionnaires on www.numeraladvanceshop.com

Diagnostic of Quality on business objectives :

The following points are asseseds and analysed :


Diagnostic of Quality on business objectives


Criteria identification


Diagnostic of complaint management


Diagnostic of incidents resolution


Analysis and diagnostic of the economical efficiency of resolution management


Diagnostic of demand management and introduction of innovation


Diagnostic of information system and NTIC management for the quality approach


Diagnostic of customer satisfaction


Diagnostic third parties satisfaction

For detail of these 8 parts, go to Quality by objectives.

Diagnostic of operational quality :

The following points are asseseds and analysed :

Diagnostic of the operational quality good practices

. Previously, the diagnostic of the Quality by objectives has been fulfil
Good Pratice 1 Diagnostic of the efficiency of the exchanges with the markets by the use of standards,
Good Pratice 2 Diagnostic of the efficiency of the exchange inside the company and of the introduction of innovation (flow optimisation),
Good Pratice 3 Diagnostic the understanding between the parties with the use of an internal vocabulary,
Good Pratice 4 Diagnostic on the use of quantitative data for understanding and action (statistics, quantitative analysis),
Good Pratice 5 Diagnostic of the efficiency of the internal standards and the Quality Management System (QMS),
Good Pratice 6 Diagnostic of the information system and the NTIC support for the quality approach,
Good Pratice 7 Diagnostic of the enterprise architecture,
Good Pratice 8 Diagnostic of knowledge management,
Good Pratice 9 Diagnostic of the quality business plan.

For detail of these 9 Good Practices, go to "Operational quality" .

Quality diagnostic with traçanumeral :

The quality diagnostic can rely on traçability. This is an efficient way to identify ans trace, up to the customer, the quality value. Traçanumeral charter is the framework from NUMERAL ADVANCE to deploy the traceability approach.

For details, see Support from traçanumeral

Standards for benchmark of Good Pratices :

The benchmark's framework are link to the sector or type of activity. We mainly have :

For all activities :

  • ISO 9001 (Quality management),
  • Lean and Six-Sigma,
  • ISO 14001 (Environment management),
  • ISO 20000 (Service management).

For the information system :

  • ISO 90003 (software development according to the ISO 9001 plan),
  • ITIL (Information system production management),
  • CMMI (software development),
  • Cobit (financial management of information system).


Questionaire Quality by objectives : 25 euros HT

Response to questionaire Qualité by objectives : 280 euros HT

Diagnostic Qualité bu objectives

Starting at 2.800 euros HT for a support center of 10 persons (4 interviews and a report)

Diagnostic Operational quality

Starting at 4.800 euros HT for a support center of 10 personnes (4 interviews and a report)