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International customers ask for concrete results.

NUMERAL ADVANCE provides the sales representation activities based on quality.

NUMERAL ADVANCE : your business partner.

Get all the benefits from NUMERAL ADVANCE unique position inside ISO organisation : a global and "before everybody else" view of the market trends and some continuous exhanges with the country level quality responsibles of the state members of ISO.


Quality policy and sales representation :

NUMERAL ADVANCE specific scope is operational quality and this is integrating the quality approach in the business plan of the company. In other words, the advices from NUMERAL ADVANCE are used to integrate the quality plan into the marketing plan. The objective is to win business deals.

See details of operational quality

Expectations from markets up to year 2015 :

International markets are expecting from consulting companies to have concrete results that can be seen in two different ways:

  1. to get a certification (ISO 9001, ISO 22000…),
  2. to gain some sales or increase margins from a quality approach.

NUMERAL ADVANCE is clearly working for those 2 cases. Concrete results from a quality approach can be :

  • winning a tender,
  • gaining new customers,
  • increasing margin,
  • others…

Success fees revenues:

Advices for quality and performance from NUMERAL ADVANCE can be paid with success fees. The most common use is to have part as fix income (retainer) and part link to the success fees.

Sales representation:

Sales representation is a natural profile for NUMERAL ADVANCE for developing the international markets. Consulting studies are a support for these sales representations. As a support, the engineering of quality and performance specific to NUMERAL ADVANCE is use to be sure that the quality criteria are well understood by all the different technical know-how such as R&D, engineering, planning, logistic… The aim is to be sure that the technical experts from the supplier and the customer are properly interfaced and that the objectives are well understood by all stakeholders.

Actions Area : Europe, Africa, Asia, United-States

The geographical area where we act are where one of our expert is. We have :  

Continental area Countries or regions (target markets or target sources)
Western Europe France, United Kingdom
South Est Europe Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia (See Croatia)
North Africa Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (See Morocco)
Central Africa Cameroon and Congo basin countries (See Cameroon)
China Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Tianjin, Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui. (See China)

Maharashtra (Bombay, Pune), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), (See India)

United States Florida and East Cost States (See United-States)

Commercial activities :

Selling actions:

 The complete steps of the selling process is :


Selling activities


context  identification and criteria of the target market, (See criteria)


identification, selection and organisation of the criteria of the selling company,


establishing the relations between the criteria and the resources (quality system) of the selling company,


quality/price benchmark of the criteria of the target market, (See benchmark)


benchmark of the criteria of the selling company,


Identification of potential buyers of the selling company catalogue,


establishing the strong selling points of quality and marketing promotion of the selling company,


arranged meeting between the selling company and potential buyers,


arranged meeting between the selling company and potential partners,


support for the partner organisation and the partner quality management system,


support for know-how deals,


support for obtaining a licence agreement (security, sanitary).

Buying and supply actions:

 The complete steps of the buying or supplying process are :


Buying and supplying activities


identification, selection and organisation of the criteria of the buying company,


requirements file (with its criteria) of the buying company,


context and criteria identification of the supplying market,


benchmark of the criteria of the supplying market,

05 identification of the public quality policy of the supplying market state,


establishing the relations between the criteria and the resources of the supplying market,


Identification of potentials suppliers for the buying company,


establishing the relations the criteria and the resources (quality system) of the potential suppliers,


arranged meeting between the buying company and potential suppliers,


arranged meeting between the buying company and potential partners,


support to the supplier organisation and quality management system,


support for know-how deals.

Sectors of actions:

The agent activities are focused, for a first step, on the following sectors :

  • Agriculture and food processing (See Agro),
  • Hotel business, (See Hotel)
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic (See Cosmetics ),
  • Distribution and retail (See retail )
  • IT service (See ICT).

For the other sectors, contact us (automotive, aerospace, wood...).

NUMERAL ADVANCE key points advantages :

From its participation at the ISO working groups (See ISO), NUMERAL ADVANCE brings you the following key points advantages :

  • a direct and "before everybody" access to the market trends on quality, security and regulations on a worldwide scale,
  • a permanent exchange with the different country level quality responsibles of the ISO state members (148 members all around the world),
  • some lobbying activities on the future ISO texts and regulation rules.


Ask for presentation and prices :

Give your company name your position and the code of your choice (on contact) :




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