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For the deployment of the operational quality, during the diagnostic or the implemetation phase, we are using the traceability principles in order to secure the fulfilment of the quality commitments.

NUMERAL ADVANCE has established a traceability charter, traçanumeral, that is a framework for monitoring the quality commitments.

Traceability for quality commitments :

Commitments on quality start with the buying criteria of the customer. Among these criteria are the quality criteria. It is important to underline to the customer that those commitments will be fulfil according to the buying conditions and for a duration. In particular, having a quality label does not mean that for a specific customer and on a specific criteria, the commitment will be held. A label assure that the resources for quality commitment are available but nothing will indicate if they are properly used in the day-to-day quality commitments.

Tracing the quality criteria, it is demonstrating to the customer the day-to-day quality commitments

Traceability : the link between the quality commitments and the resources 

The main function of traceability is to show that the commitments on quality are explicitly linked to dedicated resources.

Tracing the resources of the commitments, it is showing the ability to fulfil those commitments

Traceability : the chain of commitments :

In the case where the solution involves different suppliers, traceability will establish the link between all the commitments. The customer will have a complete and global view of the commitments.

Tracing the chain of commitments, it is demonstrating that all the suppliers are committing to the solution

Traceability with NUMERAL ADVANCE : traçanumeral

NUMERAL ADVANCE has established a set of good practices to build a traceability system for quality commitment : it is Traçanumeral charter.

Traçanumeral : a complet charter of traceability good practices for quality commitments

See tracanumeral charter

 Traçanumeral Offer:

Examples of Traçanumeral applications :

AOC mussels of Mont Saint Michel

Trout of Normandie-Truite

Umbra of Réunion Island

Tropical wood from Cameroon

See details of Traçanumeral offer