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Main steps :

What are expecting your customers ? This is fixing your quality criteria.

What are the quality level ? Look for the quality benchmark in order, for each criteria, to be at the right level of quality.

Can you afford those criteria ? This is balancing your costs and your revenus on each criteria : the business plan of Quality.

Quality is customer satisfaction so you must start with a hot line or a service desk (parts of your quality business plan).

Quality must not cost you more than its benefits. This is coming from your quality business plan but it is also performance and it has to be monitored all the time.

How to get a permanent good balance between quality and performance ? With the use of Lean Sigma methodology.

The good practices of Lean and Six Sigma are more accessible, cheaper to start with and are identical all around the world thanks to the ISO standard.

Focus on your business quality criteria :

You have to start with a genuine identification of what your customers are expecting from your products or services. Your quality criteria must be a competitive advantage to the market.

Start with criteria that are business oriented.

Look for the quality criteria that makes you different from the competitors.

NUMERAL ADVANCE helps you to identified your best quality criteria.

Check the expected level of quality (Benchmark) :

Each selected criteria has to be compared to the quality benchmark market. It is no use to be "over-qualified", for example, being at 5,5 sigma level where your competitors are at 4...and have good revenues and good profits !

NUMERAL ADVANCE brings you the right sector level of sigma for comparaison

Look at Quality Benchmark

Build your Quality business plan :

  • How do you integrate your quality criteria in your marketing plan ?
  • How your criteria will be fulfilled, and steady over time ?
  • Will your quality costs meet yout initial targets ?

This can only be managed with a Quality business plan that will be included in your marketing plan.

NUMERAL ADVANCE brings you the key points for the best suited quality business plan

Quality is customer satisfaction so you must settle a Hot Line or a Service Desk :

In order to increase your revenue and to open new markets, quality, which is synonymous with customer satisfaction, must be a part of your marketing and sales strategy. In practical terms, this means :

  • to define the quality criteria of your marketing plan,
  •  to manage a Service Desk with a focus on the quality criteria. 

NUMERAL ADVANCE experts bring you the best practices to manage a Service Desk.

Look at IT services

Quality must not cost you more than its benefits : this is performance.

In order that quality does not cost you more than its benefits, your organisation must settle a quality infrastructure to monitor performance. This is the best way to be sure that benefits of your quality are "over" the costs.

How to get a good balance between quality and performance: with the use of Lean Sigma methodology.

To manage the balance between quality and performance, Lean Sigma is recognized as the best methodology for improving your performance.

NUMERAL ADVANCE brings you the expertise your company needs in Lean Sigma. 

Look at NUMERAL ADVANCE Six Sigma offers

The good practices of Lean and Six Sigma are more accessible, cheaper to start with and the same around the world thanks to the ISO standard.

Being an ISO Standard, Six Sigma is widely accepted, more accessible and cheaper to deploy. See ISO Six Sigma.

Your quality plan in your general business plan : NUMERAL ADVANCE framework.

You can build your quality plan from a general business improvement plan. This will allows you to :

  • choose your quality criteria from your general business criteria
  • integrate your quality criteria in the operational excellence objectives
  • initiate some derivative revenues from new quality criteria

Look for NUMERAL ADVANCE framework for business improvement