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The relation between a customer and its supplier is not symmetrical. The first one receives while the second one gives. One is cash-in when the other one is cash-out.

Among the components of dissymmetry, you have quality.

Quality is a result :

The consumer is expecting very concrete results from what he buys from his supplier (preferred ?). The product, or service, has to meet the consumer expectations, of course, but this is not anymore enough. The product, or service, must also be :

  • easy to use,
  • with no risk for the health,
  • manufactured with protection environment considerations,
  • recyclable without any waste,
  • manufactured with social responsibility considerations,
  • others..

Quality is a commitment : 

A satisfied customer is not an occasional user. He is a regular buyer and one of his requirement is to be able to rely over time on a constant quality level, the level he is used to. The supplier has to guarantee, over time, a constant and stable level of quality, and improved if possible. It is, what we can call, a kind of commitment that can be assessed by the customer loyalty to his supplier.

Quality criteria :

In order to clarify the relation between the consumer and his supplier about quality, business practices have identified and classified the followwing quality criteria :

Criteria Description
Reliability is working over a period of time without any disruption or break
Security no danger for its user
Availability ready to be used when needed
Ease of usage easy to use and easily understandable
Robustness continue to work even in harsh conditions
Recalling the ability to recall memories
Harmony not damaging the environment during manufacturing, usage or recycling
Interoperability give identical results in differents usage conditions produit des résultats identiques dans différentes conditions d'utilisation
Efficiency give results with a very low resources consumption
Others... look at critères

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Usage of the criteria :

The complete list of the criteria are established in the following documents :

  • Function_CRM,
  • General_Criteria.

Other lists have been established, in connection with sectors (fooding, cosmetic, aotomobile, pharmaceutical...).

Those lists are communicated during the diagnostic of business efficiency of the quality policy.