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The plenary of TC69 and SC7 was held in BERLIN - GERMANY from the 18 to 22 of July 2011.

Around 55 experts were attending the meeting, from 12 countries.

First meeting on Benchmark method for Six Sigma took also place during this week.

TC69 scope : application of statistical methods.

TC69 general concerns :

One of the main concern is to improve the relations and exchanges of practices with other TC's, specially for quality, system engineering and environment management. The "statistical thinking", coming from the different working groups of TC69, has to be widely promoted into the different sectors because it introduces:

  • data analysis and decision on facts,
  • uncertainty and variability management,
  • system organisation to cope with random.

From the different conversations during this plenary, it seems that "statistical thinking" must go over the scope of "decision making with uncertainty". The enlarge scope of statistical thinking would be more and more "Organisation management in an environment with random".

Six Sigma Sub Committee results :

The Response Surface Methodology working group (WG1) is on its way to publish the TR "Selected illustration on Response Surface Methodology".

The Measurement System Analysis working group (WG2), focused on "Contingency Table", worked on the following examples :

  • Chemistry laboratory efficiency improvement,
  • Efficiency of a marketing plan,
  • Beer satisfaction survey,
  • Public health satisfaction survey.

The Six Sigma method working group (WG3) confirms the publications of :

  • ISO 13053 -1 : Quantitative methods in process improvement - Six Sigma - Part 1 : DMAIC methodology
  • ISO 13053-2 : Quantitative methods in process improvement - Six Sigma - Part 2 : Tools and Techniques

ISO 17 258 : Benchmark method for Six Sigma :

Then, WG3 worked on the New Item : Benchmark for Six Sigma method.

Benchmark for Six Sigma method was agreed to be applicable to all type of organisation, not only those already involved in a Lean Six Sigma programme. Indeed, benchmark is one of the most efficient way to introduce the Six Sigma method in an organisation with no improvement programme.

In the next step of the project, professional organisations of different sectors will be invited to participate to the design of this futur standard.

See details on ISO 17258

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