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The ISO TC69 plenary meeting was held in Tokyo (Japan) from 18 to 22 th of June 2012 at the Institut of Statistical Mathematics in the area of Tachikawa. This meeting was sponsored by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and Japanese Standards Association (JSA).

More than 70 experts from about 10 countries were attending this plenary. The P-Member countries were : USA, United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, Japan, Denmark, India, Slovakia, South Africa and Malaysia.

It was decided that the 2013 ISO Plenary will happen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA from the 1 to 7 of June. The invitation is due to ASQ (American Society for Quality).

This meeting was the 34th plenary of TC69 "Applications of statistical methods".

TC69 General concerns and special events:

For the 34th plenary meeting, a special focus was on:

  • confirming the liaison with TC176/SC2 " Quality management and quality assurance - Quality systems"
  • inviting SC4 (application of statistical methods in process management) to develop application of capability indices and control charts for the Six Sigma community
  • confirming the joint area between SC8 (Application of statistical and related methodology for new technology and product development) and SC7 (application of statistical to Six Sigma).

Six Sigma sub committee results:

Working Group 1 : Response Surface methodologies (RSM)

The working session concentrated on the ISO/TR 13195 " Selected Illustration on response surface methodology - Central composite designs". The objective is to introduce the "flavor" of a RSM into the Six Sigma community and to point out its key benefits. The working group reminded that a TR (Technical Report) has to be formulated as a standard, ie : applying a method step by step for clarity and understanding purpose.

Working Group 2 : Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

The resulting work, TR "Selected illustrations of contingency table analysis" is ready for ballot. The illustrations are:

  • The verification of a products classification capability against the current inspection equipment and the improved equipment
  • People’s perception about contended life
  • Customer satisfaction research on a brand of beer
  • Proportions of nonconforming parts of production line

Working Group 3 : Six Sigma method

The first part of the working session was devoted to the preparation of the DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) NWI that shall be launched in the coming months. The group expresses comments about a survey in Germany that will be extended to other european countries.

Then the rest of the working session was focus on Benchmarking with Six Sigma (see below).

Benchmarking with Six Sigma:

The working group focused on the general structure of the document (22 pages). The main points decided at the Berlin plenary on July 2011 were confirmed (see Berlin). A particular attention was pointed on the followings:

  • to cope with the different sectors, introduce annexes that will detail the criteria declination per sector,
  • enlarge the scope with products and services (not only process),
  • make sure to detail the calculation method,
  • give examples of assessment or calculation,
  • this benchmarking should be used for a Six Sigma project selection.

After modifications on this meeting being included, the document will go into its first DIS ballot by this summer.

For more detail about Tokyo plenary and SC7 sub committee, send questions to numeraladvance@gmail.com