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NUMERAL ADVANCE experts are looking for facts. Then, they note, testify and track all informations proving that the quality criteria (added value) are fulfil.

The producer choose the quality criteria he wishes to promote. The identification code of each quality criteria stands on the label of the product, beside the logo "traçanumeral".

Traçanumeral is applicable for food and natural resources (wood, timber, tropical hardwood...).

With "traçanumeral" logo, you demonstrate to your customers, to your partners and to your suppliers that you have control on your products, on your supplying process and, finaly, on the quality criteria you promote.

Quality criteria (added value)

Code of label

Geographical origin :


This criteria details the land and geographical location for the terrestrial regions and the sea area for the seas and oceans region (FAO number).


Land and country value :


This criteria describes the value of the land features coming from the soil composition, the geological surroundings and the sun exposure.


Environmental value :


This criteria describes the value of the environment with its natural surroundings (air, water, forest, cliff,...).Negative impact of human activities for the neighbourough is also checked (pollution from factory, dump, waste and smoke)


Raw material and ingredients :


Raw material and ingredients are checked according to the professional good practices (origin, supplier identification, stock...). All label or certification coming from suppliers are mentionned.


Field and breeding good practices :


Field good practices are identified and traced (fallow, space and density, seasonal practice, mechanical harvesting...). Breeding good practices are identified and traced (population density, food, vitamins and antibiotic usage, moving around...).

Good practices have a positive effect on :

  • quality of the final product
  • environment protection


Transformation, making and manufacturing :


Good pratices of transformation (harvesting, slaughtering, separation, cleaning...) manufacturing (cooking, conditionning...) or making (preparation, mixing, packaging...) process are identified and traced. These good practices bring:

  • quality on the final product,
  • environmental protection


Conditioning and packaging :


Good practices of conditioning and packaging are identified and traced.


Transport and delivering :


Good practices of transport and delivery are identified and traced.


Transformation, making, manufacturing and conditioning organisation :


Good practices for transformation, making, manufacturing and conditioning are recorded.

The organisation of the good practices is constantly optimized and relies on NTIC.

Good practices are compatible with the existing standards.


Product quality :


The quality criteria of the product are identified and traced (vitamins, oligo, fat content, protein...). It is also checked that these criteria shall not be destroy during processing, stocking or delivery (cold chain and vitamins protection, freshness and delivery time, recipies and transport conditions...)


Product information :


The products catalogue is accessible and easy to use (choice, price...). The product information are clear and easy to apply. The Web site displays the minimal information of the company (organisational chart, competencies...), of the catalogue and of the products. Practical information are also given on the site.


Environmental good practices (penv) :


Environmental good practices are deployed by the producer in order to minimize the bad impact of production on the environment. We have mainly:

  • waste collection and treating,
  • neighbourring care (smell, noise, sight...),
  • others


Fair trade :


Production is involving local manufacturers and local workers, thus encarouging the local economy to develop. Part of the benefits of the production investment must be used to:

  • train the local workforce and increase their know how,
  • favor the local raw material and natural resources.


Legal origin :


The product comes from an authorized production center (law compliance). This is ruling the management of rare resources and fighting against counterfeighting and  poaching.


Customer service :


The company manages a customer service and measures of its performance are recorded for checking. An improvement plan is deployed.


You are a producer :

Traçanumeral promotes your quality policy.

You are a consumer :

Traçanumeral is the garantee that the quality criteria are fulfil.

Traçanumeral : to establish the confidence between the consumer and the producer.

Examples of products under traçanumeral :

  • TROUT of Normandy Trout (EN)
  • Umbra from Aquatic farm of Reunion Island (near Madagascar)
  • Mussels AOC from Mont Saint Michel (France, Normandy)

Example of non food product under traçanumeral :

  • Tropical wood from Cameroon