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NUMERAL ADVANCE offers 3 types of services for the Cold Chain traceability :

1. Diagnostic
2. Implementation
3. Management.

Traceability is focused on tracking and managing the quality criteria, from the field (producer) to the fork (customer).

This service offer is for exchanges of perishable goods between France/Europe and China


Cold Chain : a resource for quality of food

The Cold Chain is an important resource to deliver quality for perishable goods like food and beverage. With Cold Chain, the texture, the vitamins or the consistency of every ingredient is kept over time. Food processing companies can take advantages of the cold technologies and the cold chain organisation:

  1. to deliver food and ingredient of higher quality,
  2. to process frozen food dishes in order to enlarge their catalogue.

Thanks to the different options offered by the cold chain (deep freeze, temperature above 0°C, humidity and freshness…), specific criteria of quality (vitamins, texture, tenderness…) can be managed (with commitment).


Cold Chain is an organisation for quality commitment and improvement.

Cold Chain: an organisation for delivering quality of food

The cold chain is a complex organisation involving conditioning, warehousing, logistic and transport (land, air and sea). The purpose of a cold chain is to pick up ingredients at the production site (field, factory, fishery, slaugthery…), to transform it in a low temperature state, to carried it at this state and to deliver it to the customer (consumer or industrial).

Cold Chain is also ruled by standards and laws.


Cold Chain is a reliable link between quality expectation and origin of quality characteristics.

Quality and efficiency of a Cold Chain

As for any organisation, a Cold Chain is to be of high quality and high efficiency to its customers.

The consumer will expect large choice of dishes, practical information of how to use frozen food and information about the nutritive ingredient kept by the coldness.

The industrial will expect processing information and nutritive information in order to get the advantage of using frozen ingredients. The cold techniques bring to the industrial new ways of preparing dishes and new value for the ingredients. So for a professional food processor, the Cold Chain is a resource that enables him to diversify his catalogue and to strengthen the food quality criteria.

 If there is no efficiency in its operations and in its costs, the Cold Chain advantages will be wiped off.

Six Sigma and Lean for quality and efficiency improvement of a Cold Chain

The Cold Chain main action is to keep under control a low temperature of the goods. The level of low temperature is bounded to the quality criteria and the preservation objectives.

Six Sigma, a statistical method for quality control and quality improvement, is the best method to link quantitative control parameters and quality objectives. In the Cold Chain case, all parameters will be connected for controlling the temperature. The objective of the Six Sigma method is to keep constant the temperature of all the process steps (pick up, conditioning, logistic, transport, delivery…), whatever the growing complexity can be. 

Six Sigma improvement keeps constant the temperature in a growing complexity environment.

The Cold Chain is a continuous flow for delivering perishable goods under controlled temperature. The Lean method will apply to insure that the complete delivery process, from production site to consumer plate, will not have any interruption and be handled with efficiency (low stock, quick delivery, cooling efficiency, transport optimisation…).


Optimisation of the chain management with no interruption with Lean management

NUMERAL ADVANCE offer: a cold chain service between China and Europe (France, UK…)

NUMERAL ADVANCE, with its experts and partners, is delivering consultancy and managing services for a Cold Chain on food products between China and Europe (France, UK…).

Consultancy services include:

  • diagnostic of the traceability of a cold chain between China and France,
  • implementation and validation of the traceability system of a cold chain service between China and France.

Management services include:

  • traceability monitoring and control of the delivery through a Cold Chain between France and China,
  • traceability of products with traçanumeral charter (see tracanumeral ),
  • updates of standards and laws applicable to the Cold Chain (France / China)..

Core points to be analysed:

01 Core CCP points

refrigeration material and capacity,


cooling power capacity,

04 traceability technologies

material and products to be frozen,

06 critical points of the cold chain,

best practices to manage the critical points of the cold chain,


traceability system and organisation,


distance monitoring of the traceability,


 applicable laws and standards on the Cold Chain organisation (China, France, Europe).

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